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The Supernatural Miracle Ministry Int’l a Divine establishment targeted towards reaching out to the people of all races and nations with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ using every contemporary means to achieve this goal. 

     Our Lord Jesus Christ giving us the Great Commission “ Mark 16; 15-18” , said that we should occupy till He comes and therefore we have a sole goal to establish the Kingdom of God in the heart of men everywhere.

      The Kingdom of God is not in words, but in the demonstration of the Power of God” 1 Cor 4; 20”, bringing about righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit “ Rom 14;17.” Our emphasis is based on unwavering faith in God, resulting in transformation of lives, manifestation of significant miracles, signs and wonders, healing, deliverances, prosperity and all redemptive blessings in Christ Jesus.

      The ministry of making Christ disciples of all nations “Matt 28; 18-20” whereby impacting every believer to the full potential and maturity in Christ, therefore partaking in the Divine nature as their heritage makes the TSMMI unique. Presently the world is facing many challenges, ranging from economical, climatic, biological, politic etc; and we strongly believe that this is a time for everyone to return to God and put our absolute trust in His salvation.

     The TSMMI is also targeted towards the goal of strengthening the heart of Gods people with the message of hope and serving as joint partners in the perfecting of the Body of Christ “ Eph 4; 11-13.”

     We are continuously experiencing the greatest manifestation of God’s power, through our Worldwide outreach campaign and mobilization, moving us to a more effective and efficient way of fulfilling our Divine mandate.