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Many are already testifying to the unlimited power of God in their lives!

Healing of all diseases and illnesses!

Deliverance, Restoration and Prosperity!

Miracles, Signs and Wonders.... Explosion!




'I had lived with ULCER since i can know,but after being ministered to,it has gone forever'T.M.


'After a fatal accident which Godwondrously saved me from,i suffered a continous neck PAIN injury,istreched my faith with the man of God and i received an instant healing' U.K.


'Thru my encounter with the Word ofGod,in the life of the servant of God,i received a complete OVERHAULING inmy body,now since five years i have started wearing shoes.'S.S.


'God healed me of my eyesproblem...MYOPIA' S.F.


'Being CRIPPLED from birth,i was underthe ministration of the man of God,i began to receive strenght in my legs andbegin to walk and now i have greatly improved walking without support.'O.G.B.


' I had ARTHRITIS all over my body,as iapplied the Anointig Oil from the man of God,it removed itinstantly,and i was heal all over' M..M.


'God did a work of RECONSTRUCTION in my body after a fatal process of abortion,now am fruitful,even with twins' A.I.


'I was PROMOTED and given a specialselected government position,as a result of my obedience in blessing the man ofGod' M.F.


'I received a contract of over 20M[N]withover one third as profit',the Prophetic Seed works' U.A.


'My partial BLINDNESS and DEAFNESS gone as the Power of God touch me in the healing service'S.F.


'Thru the teachings of the servant ofGod,i have been highly inspired and the PRINCIPLES learnt has help me invarios aspect of my life' A.T.


'God turn an EVIL report totestimonies for me and my family' E.C..


'Our son was RESORCITATED back to life after being hit by a vehicle and lost complete conciousness,by the Power of God his life came back to him after being prayed for by the man of God.'P.K.


'I survived a CANCER operation by the Prophetic Word of God' O.W.


'My Sister was BEDRIDDEN for close to two years ,the doctors could not diagnose her problem,but she received an instant healing and was filled withthe Holy Ghost after the man of God ministered to her .' S.N.C.


'Seventeen year old ASTHMA gone,now amliving without an inhaler' S.B.


'After being diagnosed for HEPATITISB,the servant of God prophesy that i didn't have it,and i believe the Word of the Lord,i went back to repeat the test,it was no where to be found.'M.L.


'I took the Blood of Jesus and an over 50years attack in my stomach disappeared' M.M.


"After being ill with so many symptoms of HIV/AIDS, the man of God agreed with me and declared that I am HIV negative. To the glory of God, my medical result confirmed me negative and now am totally healed. Y.A. 


And many more to the Glory of God!!!